VIVAD is an outdoor advertising company operating on the Lebanese territories for the past 10 years. VIVAD is currently part of MEIG Holding SAL, a leading media group with several subsidiary companies such as Nexus Digital Printing and Media Experts. We have a track record in bridging the gap between companies, advertisers, and consumers.

The brand name VIVAD is conceived to reflect our mission: delivering VIVid ADvertisments to make sure your message gets noticed. Our high-quality, professional billboards and high-resolution LED screens allow the display of your ad in bright colors and results in an eye-popping image. The vibrant and vitalizing advertisements displayed on our billboards produce intense memories that make people think about the ad long after they have seen it. Our products are built according to the highest standards.

Our billboards and LEDs span the Lebanese territories to ensure maximum coverage and exposure. By being strategically placed, our billboards and LEDs guarantee high visibility and maximum ROI.

VIVAD is an innovative and dynamic company. Therefore, we created an automated software solution that directly sends orders and installation information to the smartphones of our field technicians allowing a quick, efficient installation of advertisements and continuous coordination with our operations department.

Whether you are looking for branding your product, introducing your services to the public, or raising awareness, displaying your advertisement on our billboards and LEDs is the optimal way for conveying a high-impact message.

Vision & Values
Our vision is to be the number one strategic media partner to our clients in MENA and help them achieve great results by assisting them in our role as communicators, marketers, and message experts.
Core to VIVAD are our values: Transparency, Quality, People and Innovation. They are what we believe, what clients can expect, and how we deliver. Transparency: We strive to gain and maintain the trust of advertisers and people; as such we are the only outdoor company in Lebanon that gives access to its outdoor locations, their availability, and technical specifications with the option to book online via its website, Quality: We use high-quality billboards and LED screens that guarantee the delivery of the advertisement in optimal conditions. People: We believe that our team members are our greatest asset and we invest in them by providing ongoing training and rewards. Innovation: We create new solutions that implement the newest technologies and add value to our customers’ products.
Objective 1
To become the leading outdoor advertising agency in the MENA region.
Objective 2
To help advertisers convey their message to the largest customer base and to introduce people to the finest brands.
Objective 3
To help advertisers convey their message to the largest customer base and to introduce people to the finest brands.